The sport section: the one constant of The Courier, surviving redesigns, editors being sacked and even a takeover by the Socialist Society. Whereas the news and culture output of The Courier has seen various reinventions and changes in format, sport has never been anything other than a safe haven filled with match reports and league tables.

The only significant change to sport in The Courier is the addition of features relating to national and international sport, which were rare (although not unheard of) before the 1990s.

The size has also varied – from one or two pages in the early days it had expanded to 10 by 2011. In the mid-2000s the paper began to produce extensive previews and reports of Stan Calvert, the annual sporting competition between Newcastle and Northumbria. This peaked in 2012, with an 8 page preview pullout one week and 12 pages of reports the following week – in both cases this was in addition to the regular 10-page sports section. The sports section was cut down to eight pages not long after this, and down to its current size of five pages in 2013.

There has always been a clear divide between sport and the rest of the paper. Sport has generally sat at the back of the paper, protected by adverts, puzzles – and, for a few years, by a section so clearly defined it was called “stuff”. And while until the 1990s news and culture were sometimes the collective responsibility of the Courier team, there has always been specific sports editors:

(names in bold went on to become editor of the whole paper)



John Turnball (1948-50)
Ron Denham (1950-51)
H. Steinhauer (1951)
M. G. L. Miller-Williams (1952)
Alan Lillington (1952)
John Pettman (1953-54)
Danie Serfontein (1954-55)
Haydn Thompson (1955-57)
Peter Kennedy (1957-58, 1959-60)
Keith Pinnock (1958-59)
Dave Gillespie (1961)
Mike Craven (1962)
Roger Howell (1962)
Martin Halls (1962)
Stuart Young (1962-63)
Ivan Dunn (1964-65)
Terry Muir (1965-66)
Tony Fisher (1966)
Martin Bartlett (1966)
Michael Underwood (1966-67)
Terry Gregson (1967-68)
Sam Swallow (1968-70)
Paul Dartnall (1970-72)
Tom Boyle (1972)
Mark Standage (1972-73)
John Roberts (1972)
Pete Roberts (1972-73)
John Curtin (1973)
John Barker (1973-74)
Pete Sinclair (1974)
Howard Woodall (1974-75)
Susan Kirkpatrick (1975-76)
John Marriott (1976-77)
Edmund King (1977-78)
Stephen Morris (1977-78)
Chris Wells (1978-79)
David Boyson (1978-79)
Richard Smith (1979-81)
Christina Faull (1982)
Edward Griffiths (1983-84, 1985)
Adrian Drewett (1984-85)
David Barker (1985)
Julian Gothard (1985-86)
Sue Leaver (1986-87)
Dominic Nutt (1987-88)
Debs Dudgeon (1988-89)
Tim Hammond (1989)
Andy Weatherstone (1989-90)
Kevin Rinchey (1989-90)
Jonathan Brewer (1990-91)
Boz Worrall (1990)
Simon Bird (1991-93)
William Scott (1993-95)

James Jordan (1995-96)
Martin Pollard (1996-97)
Luke Edwards (1997-99)
Chris Hurst (1999-2001)
Geraldine Mole (2001-03)
Dan Foley (2001-02)
Mark Rogers (2003-04)
Will Walshe (2003-04)
Martin Crow (2004-05)
Nick Meakin (2004-06)
Gemma Davies (2005-07)
Will Davies (2006-07)
Tom Marling (2006-07)
Richard Noon (2007-08)
David Coverdale (2007-09)
James Parker (2007-08)
Jamie Gavin (2008-10)
Paul Christian (2009-10)
Tom James (2009-10)
Kat Bannon (2010-11)
Jono Taylor (2010-11)
Wills Robinson (2010-11)
Colin Henrys (2011-12)
Harry Slavin (2011-12)
Rory Brigstock-Barron (2011-12)
Simon Howard (2011)
Grace Harvey (2011-12)
Charlie Scott (2011-12)
Ralph Blackburn (2012-13)
Nick Gabriel (2012-14)
Lucy Williams (2012-13)
Freddie Caldwell (2012-14)
Jack Gelsthorpe (2012-13)
Francesca Fitzsimmons (2013-14)
Peter Georgiev (2014-15)
Josh Nicholson (2014-15)
Huezim Lim (2014-15)
Jonty Mawer (2014-15)
Calum Wilson (2015-16)
Alex Hendley (2015-16)
Lewis Bedford (2015-16)
James Sproston (2016-17)
Lucy Brogden (2016-17)
Tom Shrimplin (2016-18)
Mark Sleightholm (2017-18)
Courtney Strait (2017-18)
Matt Proctor (2018)
Sydney Isaacs (2018-)
Tom Hardwick (2018-)
Rebecca Johnson (2018-)
Harry Parsons (2018-)
Jack Smillie (2019-)
Rory Ewart (2019-)


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