The rag is born

Today marks 68 years since the very first issue of The Courier. A whopping four pages long, the first issue covered news, sports, music, film and theatre, without a single image. At the time it had a cover price of 2d (just shy of 30p in today’s money), but today its value must surely be much higher than that – this was the issue that launched one of the most successful and long-lasting student papers in the country.

Having left University, and therefore The Courier, a few months ago, I’ve been looking through the newly-digitised archives, and using this rich resource, and my own experiences of being part of the team, I’m starting to piece together the history of The Courier. It’s still a work in progress, and if you can offer any corrections, add further information or share their stories of The Courier, I’d absolutely love to hear from you.

I wanted to launch this site on the 68th anniversary of the launch of the paper, so please excuse its empty and basic nature – I’m hoping to add more content over the next few days and weeks.

I hope you enjoy it!



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