Ever since the first issue in November 1948, the Courier has always covered music. In that first issue, the “Materia Musica” column explained that the choir had a record number of members, and there was news of “a very interesting concert in King’s Hall” that “should be worth hearing” by Alfred Deller (“the counter-tenor”, obviously).

Within a few years the arts pages had grown daring enough to discuss jazz as well as Bach and Beethoven, and music previews and reviews appeared in the paper on and off throughout the 1940s and 50s. While film generally enjoyed greater coverage, the swinging 60s saw popular music creep in to the paper.

In 1964 the Courier launched a dedicated music page, edited by Terry Ellis. The music page included reviews of new releases as well as details of upcoming concerts and music features, including an interview with Bob Dylan.

After Ellis left the paper the music page disappeared, but music previews and reviews continued to feature as part of the arts pages. By the 1980s music was taking up more and more space within the arts section, and in 1989 was given a page of its own once again.

In 1998, when vinyl was at perhaps its lowest point, the music reviews were split not between albums and singles, but between “thirty-threes” and “forty-fives”. This edginess was dropped after a few months.

Along with the arts section, music was moved into Pulp magazine in 2003, before reverting to The Courier five and a half years later. By this point the section was three pages long, although this was reduced to two in 2013.

Courier music editors have included:

(names in bold went on to become editor of the whole paper)

Terry Ellis (1964-65)
Rob Cotterill (1989-90)
Chris Wood (1990-91)
Catherine Harris (1991-92)
Sarah Rugnath (1992-93)
Mark Warnes (1993-94)
Miles Starforth (1994-95)
Katherine Melling (1995-96)
Matt Clarke (1996-97)
Chris Downs (1997-99)
Dolly Bonner (1998)
John Gibson (1998)
Mike Seaton (1999-2001)
Al Smith (2001-03)
Arthur Heard (2001-02)
Sally Cook (2003-04)
Jennie Silver (2004)
Matt Marlow (2005-06)
Roger Mackin (2005-06)
Hannah Boylin (2006-07)
David Littlefair (2006-07)
Jimmy Asquith (2007-08)
Ruth Sleightholme (2007-08)
Heather Welsh (2008-09)
Dave Wingrave (2008-09)
Mark Corcoran-Lettice (2009-10)
Chris Mandle (2009-10)
Polly Randall (2010-11)
Joe Skrebels (2010-11)
Ben Travis (2011-12)
Chris Scott (2011-12)
Graham Matthews (2011-12)
Chris Haywood (2012-13)
Sam Summers (2012-13)
Sophie Coletta (2012-13)
Kate Bennett (2013-14)
Ian Mason (2013-14)
Jamie Shepherd (2014-16)
Dominique Daly (2014-16)
Chris Addison (2014-15)
Connor McDonnell (2015-16)
Sophie Ahmed (2016-17)
Serena Bhardwaj (2016-17)
Ben Grundy (2016-17)
Toby Bryant (2017-18)
Charlie Isaac (2017-18)
Ally Wilson (2017-18)
Charlotte Boulton (2018-)
Rory Ellis (2018-)
Jess Taylor Weisser (2018-)
Max Hobbs (2018-)

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