The rag is born

They don't write them like this any more



As a distinct section of the paper, Comment's history only dates back to 2009, but opinions have formed an important part of The Courier since it began 61 years earlier. While occasional comment articles appeared in the paper, particularly in the tumultuous years of the early 1990s, for much of The Courier's history the voices … Continue reading Comment


Given its status as a student newspaper, it is perhaps unsurprising that The Courier has always featured news. In the very early days this was mostly fairly non-controversial stuff, with reports of society meetings and new buildings opening on campus. Specific news editors were a rare breed in the 1940s and 50s – with little … Continue reading News

2011-present The paper today

The 2011 elections saw Simon Murphy crowned the next Courier editor. Murphy won numerous prizes, at the Union's student media awards and at the Guardian's national version, but ultimately was too successful for The Courier. Having been awarded the prestigious Scott Trust Bursary to study an journalism Master's at City University, Murphy made the difficult … Continue reading 2011-present The paper today

2003-08 The growth of culture

Improvements in computer technology and falling print costs allowed many student papers to launch culture supplements in the 1990s and early 2000s. In The Courier's case this came in the form of Pulp, an A5-sized glossy magazine. The Courier's arts and music sections were shifted over to the magazine and joined by a new film … Continue reading 2003-08 The growth of culture

1993-2003 The tabloid years

The Courier was redesigned and expanded to 16 pages when Simon Bird (not the actor) was elected editor in 1993. Alongside a more aggressive and tabloid-style news section, the new-look red-top paper boasted a four-page culture pullout called “Preview”. By the end of the year sales were up 25%. The paper began to take a … Continue reading 1993-2003 The tabloid years