That the puzzles page is now a Courier institution is beyond doubt. By far the most common feedback Courier staff get is when the puzzles page is too hard or, if the puzzles editor has a few too many drinks before sitting down to work (who would do such a thing…?), actually impossible. Whoops. The … Continue reading Puzzles



As a distinct section of the paper, Comment's history only dates back to 2009, but opinions have formed an important part of The Courier since it began 61 years earlier. While occasional comment articles appeared in the paper, particularly in the tumultuous years of the early 1990s, for much of The Courier's history the voices … Continue reading Comment


Given its status as a student newspaper, it is perhaps unsurprising that The Courier has always featured news. In the very early days this was mostly fairly non-controversial stuff, with reports of society meetings and new buildings opening on campus. Specific news editors were a rare breed in the 1940s and 50s – with little … Continue reading News